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Spousal support in Hilton Head Island

Spousal support is money that one spouse is ordered to pay for the support of the other spouse when they are no longer living together. It can be very difficult to predict whether spousal support will be awarded or how much. Spousal support in Hilton Head there is no set formula in South Carolina for determining whether a person is entitled to alimony nor for figuring out which type of alimony and how much of it should be awarded. The judge ruling in your case has full discretion when ordering how much spousal support you will receive from or pay to your spouse.

Spousal support can come in many different forms. Since the time requirements for a South Carolina divorce prevent a couple from divorcing immediately after they separate, one spouse can request temporary (pendente lite) support until the time the divorce is finalized.

There are six types of spousal support that may be awarded by the Family Court: (1) periodic alimony; (2) lump sum alimony; (3) rehabilitative alimony; (4) reimbursement alimony; (5) separate maintenance and support; and (6) such other form of spousal support, under terms and conditions as the Court may consider just.  Each type of alimony can be awarded temporarily or permanently.

If you do not get spousal support at the time of the divorce, you cannot request it later.

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