J1 Visa Exchange Visitor

The J1 visa for exchange visitors is designed to promote the interchange of persons, knowledge, and skills in the fields of arts, business, education, and sciences. Participants include trainees obtaining on-the-job training with businesses, institutions, and agencies; professional trainees in the medical and allied fields; students at all academic levels; teachers of primary, secondary, and specialized schools; professors coming to teach or do research at institutions of higher learning; research scholars; and international visitors coming for the purpose of travel, observation, consultation, research, training, sharing, or demonstrating specialized knowledge or skills, or participating in organized people-to-people programs.

Applicants for the J1 visa must have sufficient funds to cover all expenses, or funds must be provided by the sponsoring organization in the form of a scholarship or other stipend. J1 exchange visitors must have sufficient scholastic preparation to participate in the designated program, including knowledge of the English language, or the exchange program must be designed to accommodate non-English speaking participants.

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