How to Get Your B-2 Tourist Visa

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How to Get Your B-2 Tourist Visa

 It is undeniable that people are just too fascinated with the idea of traveling. It is more than fulfilling to explore new things, learn more about various cultures, and enjoy your free time as much as you can. You might have a lot of places in your mind right now. Pretty sure you probably have a list of what to do and where to go. You might even have a travel calendar.

With the evolution of technology that is happening nowadays, traveling has been made easier. However, you are also aware that each place has corresponding rules and regulations before you get to enter into their territory. 

One of which is the United States of America.

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Why People Need A B-2 Tourist Visa to The United States

Truth be told, going to the United States can be a bit complicated. Despite the fact that places had been more accessible, getting inside still requires a tedious process. 

For anyone who plans to visit the U. S., it is not a surprise for that person to know that he/she has to get a visa before anything else. You will get to encounter a lot of things and hardships, actually in your visa application. 

If you’re going to any U.S. territory anytime soon for personal reasons such as medical treatment, tourism, or pleasure, he/she must apply for a tourist or B-2 Visa.

Although a B-2 visa is the most common type of visa that visitors get as they go to the U.S., it cannot easily be obtained by anyone. With the threats to security and other economic concerns, the Department of Homeland Security in the country has been very strict on the entry of foreigners.

What You Should Know As You Apply for The B-2 Tourist Visa

If you opt to get a B-2 visa, here are some things you have to bear in mind:

  1. B-2 visa holders are not allowed to study or work on the duration of their stay. They are only allowed to take recreational courses as long as they are not credit based and should not exceed more than 18 hours per week.
  2. B-2 visa holders allowed to stay for a maximum of 6 months.
  3. Because a B-2 visa is a temporary visa, dependants are not allowed. Each person should apply a tourist visa of their own. Each application for a tourist visa to the U. S. is a subject for approval.
  4. In applying for a tourist visa, one must possess a valid passport, pay application fees, and pass the interview conducted by the nearest consulate in his/her native country.

You see, every process involves challenges along the way. B-2 Visa is no exception to it. Patience and perseverance are two things you would need as you apply for your own tourist visa in the future. 

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